Private Ballet/Creative Dance Lessons for Children

** Private Lessons are now being taught at Jacqueline’s NEW home ballet studio!**

Correcting my first position.

Private dance work is designed to fit the specific needs of children. One-on-one sessions are designed to enhance flexibility, strengthen correct alignment, nurture artistic expression, and promote “wholeness” in one’s body-mind connection. Some of the reasons that children study privately with Jacqueline are:

  1. To help a child “catch up” with their ballet peer group and strengthen their understanding of correct ballet placement, alignment, and technique so they can be placed in a proper class for their age group.
  2. To get a child “ready” for an audition.
  3. To address special needs of children who require strengthening in certain muscle groups; to correct feet that turn inward severely (pigeon toe); to help correct a child’s gait; to aide a child in feeling more physically self-confident; and to bring a child a heightened awareness of their body in space. This work also helps a child feel “more at home,” more graceful, and more in control of their body. Children who are nonverbal have found great joy, creative self-expression, and fun through one-on-one movement work.

How does this work differ from physical therapy? Jacqueline’s unique background as a choreographer, dancer, transformative movement specialist, healer, and intuitive helps make her work with children very focused, fun, playful, and highly creative. She believes that a “spoonful of creative sugar” helps the medicine go down even in the most challenging of situations. There is a profound connection between the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Her deepest desire is to help integrate these aspects so a child experiences greater harmony within her or his body uncovering a life-enriching natural spontaneity. It is Jacqueline’s passion to support every child to their fullest potential.

Packages MUST be paid IN FULL by the start of the first session.
* New Offering

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