Private Ballet Lessons



Private ballet  classes are designed to fit the special needs of each individual client. Some of the reasons that adults study privately with Jacqueline are:

  1. Because they have always wanted to do ballet and were told they were too tall, fat, flat footed etc etc ad nauseum. There is not a word of truth to any of this. It is never too late to start dancing for the pure grace, strengthening, alignment  and joy that studying ballet gives. I have worked with a lot of professional and non-professional  Ballroom dancers who want to add ballet to their to strengthen their technique. Ballet is the foundation of almost all other western dance forms.
  2. Athletes who want to gain the flexibility, strength and agility that studying classical ballet offers.
  3. Wanting to get back into taking classes after an injury or surgery.
  4. Just because you can learn more in an one- on- one learning environment and want to move forward technically in ballet and get lots of feedback and insight about your technique.

Jacqueline’s unique background as a professional ballet/modern dancer, choreographer, creator and facilitator of Transformative Movement workshops, intuitive and transformative counselor, and reiki practitioner allows her to bring a “wealth” of background to teaching classical ballet.

Session Fees:

  • Single session—$130
  • Four Session Package—$500 ($125/session)
  • Eight Session Package—$960 ($120/session)
  • Sessions are 60 minutes long.


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