Ballet Preparatory Class (Ages 4-5)

teacher and student

Correcting my first arabesque.

This children’s dance class provides comprehensive ballet training. There is an emphasis on developing core strength through proper alignment and posture. These are all necessary building blocks to ensure a child’s safety as choreography becomes more sophisticated. Through repetition and encouragement, students will build an understanding of the fundamental principles of ballet. Each child will be encouraged to reach her or his highest potential.  Ballet Dress Code for Children’s Studio Classes.

Pricing and Policies

  • There is an annual non-refundable administrative fee for new and continuing families—$25 for the 1st student and $25 for any additional students with a family maximum of $50.
  • Parent observations days will be announced when you can come see your child’s progress.
  • Tuition Discounts—2nd student discount is 5% of the 2nd student’s tuition.
  • Please see our pricing and policies page for information on refunds and make-up classes.

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