What Parents Are Saying

“The Joy of Dance Ballet School says it all. My daughter has experienced the joy of creativity and fun and the feel of really learning a skill . . . the positions, the terminology, the sense of what it is to be a dancer and to be proud of that. Through training with Jacqueline my daughter is like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.”
—Mother, Penny M.

“The Joy of Dance Ballet School’s unique factor must be the teacher. When you think of a ballet teacher you need someone who is clearly a brilliant dancer, immersed in the world of ballet and passionate about young people entering that world — its rules, its discipline, its fun and creativity. I wonder if other classes get the choreography so perfect for this age group.”
—Mother, Kyla F.

“At the Joy of Ballet School my son Tiernan has been able to fully appreciate music and body movement and also learn how to stay focused and follow instruction because of Ms. Jacqueline’s energy and passion for dance. He always comes away from dance class feeling happy, energized and buzzing around with excitement for the rest of the day. He adores Ms Jacqueline which also helps a great deal and he looks forward to class every single time.”
—Mother, Deirdre M.

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