Founder, Director, and Teacher: Jacqueline Low

Jacqueline Low, Director of Joy of Dance Ballet School.

Jacqueline Low has ignited the joy of dance teaching ballet and creative dance for 40 years to children 2-½ through high school and adults. She has taught at many public and private schools in San Francisco and Marin County, California including Marin Primary, St Hilary, St Anselm’s, Coleman Elementary, and Marin Montessori, Robin’s Nest Preschool, Wade Thomas, Montessori de Terra Linda, Ross Academy Montessori, Lycée Francais(Sausalito & San Francisco), Sausalito Nursery School and the JCC in Tiburon. She has also started a ballet  school in Westport Conn, taught Transformative Movement Workshops in NYC, Cologne Germany, Rome and Belgium.

In 2008, Jacqueline realized her lifelong dream of opening the Joy of Dance Ballet School. Her teaching style supports each child’s technical growth in ballet while also taking care to preserve the child’s own special way of moving. She believes that classical ballet must be taught with discipline, focus, creativity, and FUN to sustain a child’s natural “Joy of Dance.” It is Jacqueline’s passion to support every child to their fullest potential. Using her professional background as a modern/ballet dancer, as well as a choreographer, she has choreographed many creative and beautiful recitals to showcase her children’s talents.

Professionally, Jacqueline Low has performed with the San Francisco Opera Company (where she was also a choreographer), Bat Dor Company of Israel, San Francisco Dance Spectrum in SF, on German National TV, and her own Espiritair Dance Company in New York City. At the United Nations, she choreographed a dance bringing Russian and American children together. She currently continues to performs as a liturgical dancer, at weddings, memorials, celebrations and with her children in their recitals.

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